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SMSWizard Pro

SMSWizard2 PRO is built upon SMSWizard2. SMSWizard2 PRO has these additional features:

  • Sending of WAP-links as Push-messages(Service Indication).
  • Support for incoming SMS(via mobile phone). Either shows as text or calls a command file(BAT-file).
  • Possibility to send messages using command line parameters. Makes automatic sendning possible.


SMSWizard2 PRO is released as a feature limited shareware, to unlocked the new features you will have to get a license. The price is shown here.


Download SMSWizard2 PRO here.

Download a new gateway extension for use with 42it.se HERE.
Extract sms42it.dll into a subdirectory of SMSWizard's installation directory called 'SMSInterfaces' and a new send device called 'sms42itv2' will appear. Set its properties according to the account details and start SMS:ing!