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SMSWizard 2

SMSWizard2 has been replaced by SMSWizard2 PRO!

SMSWizard2 is used to create and send different types of SMS messages to cellular phones (both Nokia and EMS phones), for ex. Picture Messages, Operatorlogos, Ringing Tones, OTA (Over-the-Air) Service Settings/Bookmarks and "plain" Text Messages. It also has editing features for both picture and text-messages, and supports many popular picture-formats.

Currently, SMSWizard2 can't create Ringing Tones, only send them. To create Ringing Tones, use for ex. NokRing, a free program that is used to create Ringing Tones in RTTTL-format. Download NokRing here.

With SMSWizard2 it is possible to send the SMS messages in different ways, either using a celluar phone (with a built-in modem) connected to your computer, or by using an "ordinary" computer modem, or via three Internet located SMS messaging providers,www.pswin.com or www.deltica.com.

SMSWizard2 is Windows compatible SMSWizard2 is Windows software, it should work on Windows 95 and newer. 

Key Benefits:

  • Sending of several types of SMS messages.
  • Shows and edits picture messages, operator logos(small and big) and caller-line identifications.
  • Creates, opens and sends Over The Air WAP-settings, and also "business-cards".
  • Phone book with distribution list for sending to groups of recipients.
  • Supports importing of telephone book from mobile phones and files, as well as exporting to file.
  • Shows several messages at the same time in different windows.
  • Different ways of sending messages, via mobile phones, SMS-Centrals and Internet
  • Allows downloading of animated screen savers for Nokia 3330 via WAP.


SMSWizard2 is donationware, you are welcome to make a donation either at Regsoft for 13 USD or at PayPal for only 6.50 USD! Users who pay will also have higher support priority! :-)

"Donate" via RegSoft here. (I you have problems accessing the secure site, then click here.) 

"Donate" via PayPal here:

If you decide to not donate, then at least click any of the banners above to sign up for a PSWinCom or Deltica account, and at the same time reward me with a few more free SMS messages to afford the continued developing of SMSWizard2! :-) 

Contact Jan at jansoft@jra.nu if you need a "tailor made" version, or some other type of software.

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